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Mar 13, 2011

Man of the Year

Friday night we attended an awards dinner for ILCA or Illinois Landscape Contractors Association where my father in law was awarded "Man of the Year" for his excellence in tree and grass care.
When I got home from work Friday, Tim looked at me kinda funny and said "I forgot to tell you..."
You know how us gals love a good "get dressed in your Sunday best, surprises". It was a lovely evening and the food was incredible
In 1955, McGinty Bros, Inc was established by Charlie and his late brother John.Today the company provides total tree care, lawn spraying, hydroseeding, prairie seeding, mulching and natural area restoration.

Charles P. McGinty is Founder and President of McGinty Bros., Inc. Professional Lawn and Tree Care.

McGinty established the company in 1955 with the goal of providing his clients with the very best in lawn and tree services.  To reach this lofty standard, Mr. McGinty has always made it a priority to employ well-educated, professionally trained, and deeply motivated individuals who share his conviction and vision.  In his eyes, these people remain the key to his company’s success.

Mr. McGinty continues to personally oversee the company’s direction, and he is the driving force behind its well-deserved reputation as a premier source of tree service and professional lawn care.  In addition, he directs all aspects of strategic planning, which has enabled the company to remain at the forefront of the industry.  Mr. McGinty takes great pride in investigating and adopting up-to-the minute changes in equipment and execution, and he keeps his staff fully educated and informed.  “Our McGinty team uses the latest technology – coupled with environmentally friendly products – which allow us to complete every one of our projects safely and responsibly.”

Together with his son, Brian, Mr. McGinty also oversees the company’s daily operations, insuring that production efficiency and cost-effective management of its resources coincide with the organization’s uncompromised standards of quality and service.

During his 54-year tenure, Mr. McGinty has acquired hands-on work experience with every facet of his company, including tree trimming and hydro-seeding as well as sales and management.  Despite his active role, Mr. McGinty eagerly shares his success.  “My greatest professional accomplishment is the McGinty team.  We have assembled an extraordinary group of qualified, dedicated, and hard working individuals who truly love and respect this industry.”

from company website

In the early days McGinty Bros was based in the McGinty  home, where Lori (Tim's mom) ran the office

Guess who keeps that important ivy looking spectacular?

This is the office staff that keep all running like clock work. Tim's brother Brian is President of McGinty Bros

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Mel said...

What an honor! Looks like an amazing evening for your entire family!! Congrats!