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Mar 2, 2011

Glenbard East High School Baseball try outs

It all started here at Maple Park, a little boy threw on sun glasses and picked up a bat and hasn't put it down yet

TJ started playing baseball in kindergarten at age 5 in Oak Park. He put his mitt on the wrong hand, wore soccer cleats and didn't know the game.  TJ got up every morning before school, went in the back yard and hit ball after ball off the tee. Every spare moment was spent playing baseball...TJ was determined. That first year he won the sportsmanship award and was nicknamed Hollywood because he was stuck in right field and had to wear sun glasses to see the ball

By age 6 he was an All-star, by age 8 he was playing 8U travel.

TJ continued to play in-house, travel and Fall ball every year. In the winter he takes private pitching lessons.

That little boy is now a big boy, 14 years old and trying out for the Freshman Baseball team. Try-outs are everyday this week Mon-Fri from 7-9 pm. His week consists of school, homework, dinner and baseball. He is tired, but still gives 100%. So far he feels good about his performance. He said the coach pulled him aside and told him he was doing a great job. Nothing in high school is a guarantee and I am making sure TJ takes nothing for granted. Michael Jordan didn't make his sophomore basketball  team

There is an A and  B team. TJ said he doesn't care which team he gets on, he just wants to play ball, which shows me he is playing for the right reason...for the love of the game.
I honestly can't imagine him not making either team, but things happen

Good Luck to my little man

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Mel said...

Wow!! It is really interesting when you look back over the years how obvious passions are. TJ was forever playing tee-ball and Emma was always wearing a tutu!! I think he'll he more than fine.