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Mar 28, 2011

Birthday's in Long Grove

Yesterday we headed to Long  Grove to celebrate Karrick's and Grandpa Charlie's birthday's
They both turned 7... 7 and 7 with a 3 after it

Karrick got 2 new LEGO sets...to him it's like winning the lottery

 I gave him a big ball...a $2.50 ball (TJ picked it out). I will be damned if that boy didn't sit bounce roll toss bang and catch that ball for hours and hours

 Grandpa got a toy too

I absolutely love this picture of grandma giving Patrick a treat....love the front and background colors 

Tomorrow is Karrick's actual birthday and that will conclude this March month of celebrating. By the end of March, I'm done, so freakin done!  3 birthdays (4 if you count Patrick) and mine and Tim's wedding anniversary. Too much! We are free until the end of August (TJ's birthday)

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