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Mar 21, 2011

TJ made the high school A baseball team

Today TJ was informed that he made the "A" team for Glenbard East's Freshman Baseball team...was I surprised?...No....was I worried sick for the last month...Yes
Time to sit back and relax...never in this house!

TJ's 1st game is Wednesday at 4:30... of course it is, you want to know why?
because Karrick's 7th birthday party is Wednesday at 5:30...sure the Hell is
18 kids are coming to Xtreme Trampolines in Carol Stream. Tim will go to the game.
Oh, but that's not all...it never is

Today TJ's agent called....he has a commercial audition Wed at 3:00.....downtown


I explained about the birthday party and asked if there was anyway we could get an earlier call time. I would gladly pull TJ out of school early on that day, because I am only 1 person. Thank God we were able to get a 12:15 call...whew! Just enough time to shoot downtown, audition, get home in time to pick up Karrick from school at 3:15, get his cake and get ready to head to Carol Stream for the party....Whoops, and get TJ to his game of course. At least A team plays at home on Wed...B is away

I really need TJ to book this commercial because it shoots in Orlando... Hot sunny Orlando...I really need to go to Orlando...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET TJ BOOK THIS JOB....FOR ME, FOR MY SANITY

It's a 3 day shoot and I'm sure 85 games will be scheduled for those 3 days...I'm not even going to look at the schedule

It is suppose to rain on Wednesday....wouldn't that be nice..huh huh :)
Than TJ can go to his brothers party and I can go to TJ's first high school game of his life the next week 

By the way we had to turn down the callback for the Columbia College movie...TJ would not be able to commit 100% 

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