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Jul 31, 2013

Research Inquiry & Experimentation- RISE

A few weeks ago I received an email from the Illinois Math and Science Academy in Aurora asking if Callahan would be interested in a new pilot program called RISE.
It is a high level year long college readiness program for exceptional student entering grade 9-12.

Duh! YES, I replied

2 days ago I received an application invitation. I had Tim register Callahan immediately. My experience with the summer programs are, they fill up ASAP. Nowhere else that I am aware of caters to these students that rank nationally in the top 1 - 2 %.
Callahan said he is up for the challenge.

I don't have all the information on this program, but what I do know is
it starts in 2 weeks

Program description: This year long course is intended for students who are interested in pursing a higher level year long, in depth study in a scienctific topic of their choosing. Succesful students in this course with be self-motivated and independent learners. The course will give student an opportunity to participate in a community of scientific research and scholarship

Course benefits

1.  Learn skills necessary to to conduct independent research and report your findings
2.  Choose a topic of your own interest
3.  Collaborate with other high school students involved in independent research and connect with a          research expert in your field of inguiry as an e-mentor
5.  Conduct authentic research
6.  Present your findings at various reginal/ state venus
7.  Select colleges and universities are seeking independent research experience 
     from top candidates

This should be an interesting and defining year for my Callahan

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