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Jul 8, 2013

Callahan living his dream for a week

I have had the craziest last 2 weeks and Im way behind on my blog.
Yesterday, we dropped Callahan off at IMSA for a residential Energy program. There was a 90 min orientation in the lecture hall, it was pretty funny.
They started a daily blog to let us know what the kids are doing and they post pictures daily. That's my Cal in picture above. Sounds pretty cool, if  you like that stuff....I'd rather eat dirt, but it is right up Cal's alley.
Cal wants to go here for HS it's grades 10-12.

 This is the dorm they are staying in. Boys and girls are in separate wings with no access to each other. "Anyone making purple goes home" "Boys are blue and girls are red and there will be no making of purple or violet or any color in between"

 Oh Yeah we were the 1st one's there

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