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Jul 21, 2013

Magical Costa Rica

Last night TJ and I returned from a week long stay in the jungles of Costa Rica. We stayed with my brother, sister in law, nephew and niece in the small town of Samara. My brother Jim wanted to experience as much as possible the real costa Rican life. Not a tourist trap.
He rented a home "Casa Verano" for 6 weeks at the edge of town on a block that consisted of 6 homes (3 on each side). Darling homes surrounded by beauttiful tropical plants, trees and wildlife. Howler monkeys would wake us in the early dawn hours. Our home was the last home and butted up to the jungle. At night we had a security guard posted at the entrance of our street. A large stucco wall with security gates surrounded the property.
I found the Costa Rican people to be extremely nice, happy and welcoming. Never once did I feel or see any contempt for my lack of the native language. Its a gift I will take that away with me as we have a large population on non English speaking people in the US.
I have to be honest, it took a little time to actually see the beauty that surrounds this amazing little Central American fishing town. At first I saw the poverty, but within a few hours I couldn't get enough of these wonderful people. I see how American's go there and don't come home.
My sister Christine hit the nail on the head when she described it as " Magical"

Main street our home was just behind me off of Main.
Below is our street, our home in the peach one on the right.
 TJ on the porch.To sit here in the morning all you hear are Monkeys, birds and other animals. Humming birds and butterfly's fly aound the tropical plants and flowers that cover the walls. 
 My Sweet niece Lindsay and I were roomates and partners in crime. We snuck away more than once for ice cream

this picture of TJ was shot in complete darkness at our front gate...no streetlights here

 the yard facing the pool at Casa Verano

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