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Jul 28, 2013

Perfect pillow placement challenged

TJ's new room
it's the best we could do...pillows not magazine worthy

 TJ laughing becasue his parents are insane

When TJ and I walked in from Costa Rica we found a new bedroom had been designed by Tim and Callahan for TJ. For the last year or so, TJ has been sleeping on a twim mattress on the floor. He bounced too hard one day as he flung himself on the bed and cracked the frame.
He was to tall for a twin anyway but buying him a new set got lost on the list.
Tim and Cal went out and bought the frame, mattress and bedding and put it all together. It looked so stunning with that fresh from a magazine, that I ran to get my camera. When I returned TJ had climbed in and tossed the pillows aside.
Of course I tossed him out and re made the bed. I was taking pictures when Tim came in and said "The pillows are all wrong"
"Well then fix them, because I can't get it right"
As Tim fluffed and repositioned the pillows over and over he threw his hands up with a
 "I can't get it right!"

"Well, how did you get it the 1st time? I asked

"I didn't do it Callahan did"

Pillows?! The boy can set pillows too?!

We just busted out laughing, because when anyone needs anything fixed they call Callahan. When someone has a question about anything on this planet, they asked Callahan
When I was leaving for Costa Rica out of the blue Cal told me about all the different frogs that are 'highly poisoness" right down to each ones color and spots. Then came snakes. No, Callahan isn't a reptile, frog enthusiast...he just knows everything about everything. If you asked him how he knows it he replies "I just do"
The pillows put us over....needless to say after multiple tries we gave up with the pillows. Cal had already gone out for the night.

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