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Jul 10, 2013

A whole lotta stuff

I had today off from work so Karrick and I headed to Lego Discovery Center at WoodField Mall. It was really cool. We really enjoyd it.
The old man above is priceless with is black sock with sandles. I just love the fungus toe poking out from the sock. They also had a jungle-I am leaving for the jungles of Costa Rica on Saturday!

Below, Downtown Chicago is created from all Lego's the attention to detail is spectacular

Before we hit LegoLand, we had to zip by the Il Math and Science Academy to drop off a care package at the front desk. I was going to mail it yesterday but for 1-2 day delivery it was $22.50. Really up to two days? He comes home Friday, so Karrick and I dropped it off...40 min round trip.
We have not heard from Cal since the 1st night. I assume he is having a ball
By the looks of the IMSa blog pictures, there is no shortage of group activities

Cal is 1st on left in Dodgeball picture

TJ TJ TJ, started working at the law firm of Nyhan, Bambrick, Kinzie & Lowry yesterday. He drove down and back with Tim. TJ really enjoyed it. Yesterday was office work so it was business casual. Court days will be suit and tie and IT days- jeans. 
TJ had to miss today to work his final day of filming. Only 11 hrs today. He and another actor he met from Glen Ellyn shared a cab to Ogilvie train station and rode home together.
Tomorrow TJ heads back to NBK & L. Friday he has an editorial photoshoot all day. Saturday we head out. 2 days after we return TJ starts rehearshing for his sitcom pilot. a very busy boy!

With both my teenage boys gone, Karrick has been coming to the office with me and even bootcamp today. It's nice to spend time with him, he such a cutie!

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