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Oct 2, 2013

1 before 50

A draft since September 23 

My 49th birthday weekend was supurb. I can't believe that I am almost half way to my death. (I'm living to at least 100!) We started sunday, Tim took me to Oak Brook mall for a shopping spree. All I wanted/needed was new clothes. The weather was perfect for an outdoor mall.
 I bought creamy, flowy, lacy, silky Fall clothing. I just love them but, I still haven't worn them yet because Im afraid I'll spill on them. Hence the reason I need new clothes. I take that back I have worn the pants, the pink top and the giraffe top.
My favorite store is Anthropologie, but they don't carry XL so I'm limited due to my linebacker size shoulders. I was able to find 4 things..Woo Hoo. Then a  trip to the Irish shop netted me an Irish shall.
Shopping was followed by a nice lunch at Antico Posto.
Monday my actual Birthday, Tim forced  took the boys shopping while I went to bootcamp. When I came home the house was decorated and I was greeted with treats and gifts.
Karrick did greet me at the car with the card up above, it expired that night so we had to get to work! Lord knows I cant pass up a date with Karrick especially when it's FREE!
We went for a nice bike ride to the park and hung out after dinner ; )

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