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Oct 15, 2013

lights camera action

My boy on a normal day in 2013
TJ had one busy weekend. Saturday he had to read with actors/actresses auditioning for roles in an upcoming episode he was filming. Sunday he filmed on location in Hammond IN all day. I came a little early to pick him up so I could watch a little.

Look below at what they did to my TJ!
It was a flashback scene and yep it was smack dab in the 80's

My boy when they throw him back to the 80's

The writer sent me this picture during a break . 
Needless to say TJ's new name on set is "dream teen" as he was very popular with the female extra's

TJ and Grace his co-star, they play brother and sister. Great thing is Grace lives just a suburb away, so we car pool every weekend.
tid bit on Grace: she played Annie in the Broadway musical of Annie and traveled the US for 9 months at age 9. She has quite the resume


Monday was spent at Navy Pier doing a 3 hr promotional photo shoot. It was a beautiful day and everyone involved in the project is just a blast to hang with.  Above, TJ is getting direction from the photographer. I'm pretty excited to see the shots since the show is a comedy and they are all insane.
Thats all I can say

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