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Oct 5, 2013

My sweet Callahan and Katie

Callahan had a plan to ask Katie to Homecoming, but one thing after another all week prevented it from happening. Today was the day, but TJ had to work (filming) then by the time we got home it was raining, then it was dark.
Cal decided to just do it in the dark. He walked to the nearby 48 acre park and waited while I picked Katie up. We went to the park with a story of dropping something off at Karrick's buddy's house. I parked at the last house that butts up to the park. I asked Katie to walk with me. About 50 feet in the pitch dark park Cal was standing all dressed up holding Roses and Candy. such a simple idea but it was fabulous. Totally took Katie by surprise...she cried, Cal had the biggest smile and my pitch dark pictures turned out great
These 2 are just adorable and Katie's giant Bow was a perfect touch for the photos

Cal and Katie walked the block and a half home together in the dark

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Mel said...

So adorable! And I agree about the bow; super cute.