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Sep 15, 2013

WIU Leathernecks

Friday night Tim, myself and TJ headed to Macomb IL for WIU open house. TJ was accepted right away into their Physics program. After talking to the tech department he decided to go on that tour. Computer Science is a better fit for TJ, but it's not my or Tims decision.
What Tim and I loved about WIU was the average class size is 22. They dont have the enormous lecture halls. Some computer classes have as little as 4 students.
This was TJ's 1st college visit so he has nothing to compare it to. 
TJ applied to 7 colleges. He was bombarded with emails and brochures from colleges all over. I responded to some of them just because they offered no essay, no application fee and possible scholarship opprtunities.
Applying was a huge pain in the ass, but we are done and it feels good. We are way ahead of the game.
Where ever TJ decides to go, Im sure he'll do great!
I only took a few shots, we got there close to midnight and had to be at the school at 8:30. After walking around for most of the day, we headed back home (3 1/2 drive) so TJ could get to bed. He had to be on the set this morning at 6 am an hour away

I just think TJ looks cute in the above picture...baby face

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