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Sep 5, 2013

My Cal and Katiebug

We had the pleasure of Katie's company the last 3 weekends in Whitewater with us. She is just a delight to be around, totally down to earth and fun.
Her and cal were total troopers when it came to me and my camera. All pictures were spur of the moment. I even invited myself on thier nature walk to collect flowers for Katie's crown for the Renassaince Faire. I love a girl that won't gripe because she doesn't have make-up on

 These pictures below were shot in Vivid mode. They turned out super cute, I wasn't sure how they would look becasue Im not a fan of the over use of the saturation button. I think they look natural with a giant pop

Never under estimate the power of a pick-up truck

Nightly board games that went on for hours

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