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Mar 5, 2013

the wicker is gone

A year ago Christmas we moved out leather couch into the basement, so a giant 7 foot Christmas tree could monopolize our living room. After Christmas 2011 we brought in our deck loveseat made of wicker. Yes, wicker deck furniture adorned out living room for over a year, The original couch is still in the basement. It is a very pretty couch, but only to look at. The back rest is so puffy that you are pushed forward while the coushions are so soft you sink and dissapear.  We won't even bring up that it is impossible to get off the couch. It like a giant marshmellow swallowed you whole
I will never live it down that I bought a couch from a cataloge...whatever.
It got to the point where everyone would go to their respecticve rooms and we were having no family time.

Pure laziness kept us from buying a new couch

Tim and I bit the bullet and purchased this fine leather couch, ottoman and matching chair (on other side of room)

This has inspired me to finally add some finishing touches to our 1st floor.
(I haven't done it yet, so no evil thoughts on my blank walls)

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