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Mar 29, 2013

My baby is 9

Today Karrick turned 9 years old. To me 9 is so much older then 8 as 8 is still a little boy. Where as 9 is a boy...a boy, my baby is a boy.
Karrick brings so much joy to all of us. He is smart as a whip, funny, quirky and serious all wrapped into that cute little body. 
A pure gift from God.

We sang last night and he opened his gifts. 
On his actual birthday we went to Brookfield Zoo; myself, Karrick and his buddy Nick. The weather was warm and sunny...a perfect way to celebrate his special day.
After the zoo Karrick and I had to be at Columbia College for reheasal at 6pm. He is in a movie and he rehearsed until 10 pm.
Let me tell you he was one tired little boy by then

 Happy Birthday Karrick!!
The joy you bring us is indescribable 

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