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Mar 13, 2013

My little dancing machine

Karrick started Hip Hop lessons  yesterday at out local dance studio Aspirations Dance company. There is no shortage of glitz and glamour here. The only thing missing is the TV crew and Abby Lee.
Actually everyone was super nice and 2 of Karrick's classmates are in the class. His friend N is going to start next week.
 Karrick just LOVED it! Came out saying "that was so much fun!" " This day can't get any better"
Tonight he is going to try the boys only class (the time is a little late for me as it cuts into my TV/bed laying time) It's a smaller class too.
Karrick, in the last year has started busting out moves everywhere...even on Youtube

Oh and we joined just in time to participate in the Recital
I have to admit it's kinda fun for me

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