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Apr 1, 2013

Karrick's day on the set

I shot these pictures with my cell phone, so they are not crisp and clear :(
 Coundn't bring myself to whip out my Canon as we were filming in a condo (in the Avondale area.) I try to stay discreet.

Karrick just shot a short movie for Columbia college.  Above is the cast; just a mom, sister and brother (Karrick as Micah)
Karrick is really a good little actor. In one scene he needed to get really upset-mad/sad. The director kept doing retakes as he wanted Karrick to really bust out. All I kept thinking of was Liz Taylor, when she had to cry on set. I believe her mother told her that her puppy died. I somehow couldn't bring myself to due something like that to Karrick.
After a few more takes, Karrick was getting frustrated and let out an one angry sad trirade.
It was suberb! I don't think Karrick knew he could get that mad as he was a little shaken and worn out. I almost cried, it was kinda sad to see him with that much emotion. I think he crossed some acting barrier..IDK. Everyone was pretty impressed.
The director was really good he had ecverything down to the minute on his schedule. We actually finished the movie a day early which is awesome!
Looking forward to the final product!
 The crew and Karrick has his arm around the director.

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