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Apr 6, 2013

Head Shots and a day at LPZ

the pictures posted from the zoo I took

Karrick needed headshots and an old friend was coming to town.
 Steven Palm was one of the photographers that shot the kids represented by Ford Models 12 years ago. We met Steven when TJ was 5 and we just hit it off. He shot TJ and Cal a few times over the years. Steven now shoots the stars on the west coast. He contacted me saying he would be in town for business and had some free time if any of my kids needed new headshots.... TJ was already booked with Zoe McKenzie-another fave of mine. Karrick needed headshots as he hasn't had them since age 4. He is now expressing an interest in performing and has booked an Opera , 3 movies and a runway fashion show. It is time to get him with an agent...which means headshots

I picked Steven up at his Hotel and we headed to Lincoln Park Zoo. Karrick and I had already planned to go to the Zoo after the shoot as Karrick has to build the zoo for his 3rd grade Social Study project on Chicago landmarks.

Steven and Karrick just hit it off, Karrick is really hard not to love. We were there a couple hours and I hae no idea how many pictures he took. Karrick says "a bazillion"
I haven't seen the shots (a few on the camera) as Steven had to catch a plane back to CA
When I asked Karrick how he liked Steven he replied "I just want to hang out with him"
It was so great reconnecting and I wish TJ could have joined us, but I couldn't pull TJ out of school.
I anxiously await a CD arriving in the mail.
Good luck to Steven and Alisha as they are trying the knot in 2 weeks! 
 Karrick and I hung at the Zoo after the shhot and had a great mommy/Karrick day. I was pretty happy when Karrick got the zoo for his project, but now it seems really hard. Callahan got the Shedd in 3 rd grade and it turned out amazing. We made it out of styrofoam...I can't find the pictures. Kids get creative as you can use anything you want to build ie marshmellows, sticks, clay etc. Karrick wants to try legos or clay. Then in May the 3rd graders take a field trip to Chicago...it's pretty cool and a right of passage in the 3rd grade.

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