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Apr 26, 2013

Filming of BOTR day 2

Day 2 of filming
TJ getting pampered at 7 am, He even got a warm towel shave. Today all the extra's were on set. My little Karrick was one of them. 

TJ's character gets a little tipsy

Lunch break...we filmed at Potbelly's in Deerfield

 Lena on the right went to Act One Studio (acting classes) last summer with TJ....a great surprise to meet up with her and her mom on set. The afternoon led us outside and it was cold...I mean cold!

 Always fighting the colic
 TJ just nails the 50's role. He is almost a carbon copy of my dad as a teen. The two pics below are my dad as a high school senior with his father on left and my mom on right

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