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Apr 24, 2013

A trip to the 1950's- filming Day 1

they had a hairstylist cut off all of TJ's hair...he was so professional about it. 
Made me super proud!

After audtioning in February, booking the lead in March, many days traveling downtown or up to the NorthShore for endless rehearsals, fittings, and locations stops TJ started filming his movie "Billy on the Rocks" TJ auditioned for a smaller role but landed the lead. He had a good 16-18 pages of dialogue to memorize.
The home they filmed in was spot on. The director really put some time in and nailed the locations. This home she randomly went up and knocked on the door. A 100 + year old home with a 90 year old couple living in it. The decor looked original.
Once agian I was hired to shoot the stills that follow the movie and I get credit....3 movie credits to my name..WOOHOO. Plus I get access to the set...which rocks

The night/day before filming started we got hit with a monster storm and were stuck in oour house. TJ's call time was 8 am and we were surrounded by water with no way out. Our cars were under water. The director sent her father to pick TJ up from the North Shore. Callahan had to tow TJ in the kayak down the block to higher ground , drop TJ off and tow the 2nd kayak back. 
My brother in law picked me up at my porch hours later as his giant Ram truck cut right through the flood waters. He then took me to Long Grove where I got my MIL's car.
So scary to think "what if we couldn't get out and 3 months of prep and a dozen or so people all waiting for TJ to get there."
It all worked out and all of us had a ball. It is a great movie
Day 2 next

TJ had to hold that giant steak on his eye...so gross
It is so wonderful to see TJ just light up when acting....he loves the pampering and star treatment he gets, but sometimes it overwhelms him and he feels a little uncomfortable.
Everyone was super nice and they all drove in from New York for the week.

3 story winding staircase....stunning

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