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Apr 3, 2013


Easter Sunday was spent in Long Grove. Mom Mcginty outdid herself with a roasted leg of lamb....which I didn't eat..ugh creeps me out!. Everyone else raved about it.
For the 3rd time in as many days Karrick's birthday was celebrated. He told his classmates on Monday that he was now 11 due to all the celebrations, but is only in the 3rd grade because he was judged on his size.

 The annual Easter egg hunt...plastic eggs hidden with $$ amounts on them. Karrick was the winner with $14. One egg remains up in the evergreen tree..oops. 2 remain missing. I found one on the 4th of July last summer while watering asparagus patch.
They always turn up
Love Katie in the Easter dress with the Converse shoes

 TJ got this go-cart at age 5 and now he's pushing 6 foot...a tight squeeze.
Driving all the vehicles around McGinty Farm has made it much easier for TJ's driving. 
He finally got his driving permit on Wednesday and on Sunday he drove all the way home on the expressway/tollway w/o a problem. I barely flinched..barely
Tim had him drive to the store and home from the DMV

Katie joined us for Easter
I love that she can go from beautiful girl to tomboy in a flash. Her and Callahan are just adorable together. 

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