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Apr 12, 2013

Callahan's Confiramtion

Last night Callahan made his Confiramtion at Sacred Heart Church. TJ was his sponsor. after we celebrated at Portillo's. Oh Yeah, you read it correctly....Portillo's. It's all we had time for as it was 9pm when the mass ended.
I know the Bishop doesn't need to check with me first before booking the date, BUT could there be a worse week for me. OH HELL NO!

I worked all 5 days this week...I know cry me a river, but it's tax time in the office. Throw TJ not allowed to ride the school bus so I drop off and pick up. It contributed to his Migraines as he is movement and light sensitive...thanks GEHS
3 doctor visits and CCD. My weekends are shot because all of the sudden my kids book everything in sight...a good thing, but a time consuming thing. TJ filmed a movie last weekend, Karrick the weekend before. TJ has a commercial audition in the morning, then is filming a PSA on bullying  in the afternnon plus a movie next weekend that Karrick is also in.
I shot two gigs last week and have an event tonight. It's all good stuff and tons of fun, but Im so tired I look like a herion addict. I only made 1 bootcamp this week :(
Sunday is the day of rest and I hope to take full advantage of it

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