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Apr 19, 2013

Flood 2013

This picture says it all

For a third time in the almost 8 years we have lived in Lombard Mother Nature clobbered us.
We were able to take some measures the night before the storm hit. Tim and Callahan brought the majority of the important lower level things up. Tim shut off power to the lower level so we would have power in the rest of the house.
I woke up at 1am and the basement was dry. At 4am it was full. This is the deepest the water has ever been.

If you look behind the shed you can see balls barely staying in our yard un agaisnt the submerged chain link fence

Our lower level.
Tim and Cal brought in saw horses and put the futon on them and our couch on top of the futom We believe the couch is okay...can't see aroud corner. You can see Karrick's computer desk floating...computer was brought up. 

our cars were parked on the high part of driveway, it then slopes down to garage,. The miata is completly under water in garage. The water level covered the wheels on both cars. Most likely cars are totaled as computers probably got wet. Miata is pre-computers
I couldn't get any of the boys to school without a motor boat. Tim and I caouldn't get to work
The water when I woke up was down 6-8 inches.
It is cold today, we have no heat or hot water. The house is cool, not awful. We have TV, satelite and internet thanks to Tims handy work ( he was able to reroute the internet cables from laundry room up through Callahan's bedroom window)
So many people have offered help and really made this experience less awful. It is what it is and when the water receeds we will once again clean it up and rebuild.....it is just stuff and time and another story to add to our book of life

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Carlene Maysonet said...

The amount of the damage could make your knees go weak. And though you have to undergo an awful experience, aren't you thankful for the fact that you and your family are safe inside the house? Of course, the damage on your property is huge, but I am happy that so many people offered help to make the situation a little better for you.
Carlene Maysonet