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Jun 20, 2011

catch up with the McGinty boys

Summer is here and  the boys are busy which makes me busy.
TJ plays High School summer ball as a Sophomore coached by the sophomore coach, which goes like this:
Mon, Tue and Wed: 2 back to back 5 inning games (each day)
Thur: 1 seven inning game

Summer ball is fun, we have pulled together as a team and have more wins then loses, which is unlike our freshman team

It's really weird that TJ is a Sophomore...slow down time! and weird because he is still only 14.
There are maybe 4 weeks left, then it is football season. TJ also has a lot of summer home work, he needs to read a book for English and has 3 jumbo packets for AP European History. I gave him a homework vacation until July 1st

 On the rare occasion that TJ is home, his darling girlfriend Alexis comes over. Karrick is in love with her and asked TJ if they could share her. I calmly explained that you don't share girlfriends, nor do you ever try to steal girlfriends, especially from your brother. While not happy about it, he accepts it.
TJ and Alexis will play board games with karrick and include him a lot

We are also smack dab into travel season with a minimum of 4 games a week Wed-Sun, but mostly just Sat and Sun. If you do the math TJ plays on average 9-11 games a week (we have had rain-outs)
Many nights TJ is exhausted and too tired to eat, he is down 3 pounds

the wavy lines on the above picture is from the chain linked fence I shot through

On the plus side TJ is one of the starting pitchers on both teams, which was his goal. He has always been a 3rd baseman or shortstop, but has become an outfielder on both teams because he has an  incredible arm. Now that he is at the high school level, the pitchers mound and bases are at the major league distance and the outfields are 360 feet +. You need a strong arm

 Callahan is relaxing this summer hanging with friends until IMSA starts July 11th. My little Cal is smack dab in the middle of his growth spurt, measuring at 5' 5 with no end in site. I feel like I don't spend enough time with Cal, thank God Tim is able to spend a lot of time with him and take him away almost every other weekend
Once HS ball is over I can devote much more time to taking Callahan to different places this summer

Karrick has been playing with friends and playing baseball

Grandma's  house in Long Grove

Karrick played in his 1st all-star game and it was the 1st time he played under the lights. The whole family went to cheer on little Sand Gnat. Karrick is always so proud when his big brothers come to his games

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