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Jan 31, 2014

Weekend in DC

I was able to sneak away alone to Washington DC for the weekend. My boss of 29 years, son Josh was getting married. I changed Josh's diaper's for the first month of his life until the Haitian Nanny  was hired.
How time flies . 
Josh was in the army for the last 4 years stationed in the DC area. He was one of the guards that worked for the president and stood at attention during the speeches. Those jobs typically go to the tall good looking fit soldiers. Josh fits that part. 6'4 with arms the size of my waist.
The grand affair was held at  The Mellon Auditorium 
Possibly one of the nicest weddings I've been to. It was great catching up with all the old traders I worked with on the CBOE trading floor during the 80's-90's. Holy crap am I old.
A family brunch was held on Sunday at the Kenndy Center....holy cow, not a foodie at all but this excited me.

I like my shots from the sideline-flash off

 My boss on the right and an old trader friend Jeff on the left. Jeff now lives in Cooperstown where he is mayor. He is also an published author.

took these 2 from rooftop

Sat and Sun I walked around with my co-worker and saw the sights. The security is out of control, the equivalence of airport security entering every museum, reception hall etc. 
It had been 25 years since I was last in DC. I would really like to go in the summer again
Just a couple days alone was all I needed to recharge my batteries.

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