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Oct 5, 2014

Family Day at NIU

This weekend is family weekend at NIU. We picked up the boy and headed out to lunch.
After that we hit Huskie Stadium a little early to get good seats for some NIU football. It was cold, but it didn't rain or snow which we were prepared for. It was so much fun and the Huskies won 17-14 despite 3 horrendous calls that allowed Kent State to score. Huskies are 4-1 for the season!! We stayed for the whole game.
Karrick was on TV, they have a giant screen on the end zone scoreboard. Karrick was standing up on the bleacher in front of us busting out his hip hop moves and sure enough the camera was on him. We all got a kick out of it including the people behind us.

By the time the game was over it was 7:30 ish. Tim and I were almost crippled from 4 hours on bleachers. I had muscle spasms in my back...getting old is a bitch.
We dropped TJ at his dorm and headed home. As always it great to see TJ. We are thrilled that he loves NIU. He is invoked in a fraternity which is very time consuming-Argh!!
He also plays flag football once a week. He seems to be fitting in well by the number of hello's that he received while walking from his dorm to the stadium, one can only hope he is as popular with his studies

can't deny they are brothers

a little boy tired and cold warming up in TJ's dorm after game

the stadium is just beautiful and so was the sky

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