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Jun 8, 2015

And it's on to middle school

 I cant believe my little boy is heading to Middle School in the Fall. 
He was pretty emotional during the clapout. K-4 line the hallways while Pomp and Circumstance plays over the PA system. The 5 th graders parade through the halls while everyone claps. Once outside the kindergraten doors each 5th grader receives a balloon and they all release them together. All these kids that have been together since Kindergarten. Karrick is my only one to attend one school for k-5. He had such a great year, his confidence level has soared(I credit that to competitive dance) made great strides socially, was undefeated in chess club, blew through 8th grade math and moved onto Algebra.
My little mathematition scored a 270 on the Map Math test, 200 is average for a 5th grader. 270 is in the 98 % for a high school Sophomore. Karrick has the highest score in the history of his grammar school (that his teacher knows of)

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