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Dec 8, 2015


I have been meaning to update my blog for a long time, just don't think of it.
Callahan is almost 1/2 way into his Junior year and doing great. It is time to start thinking about college. The boy is being recruited hard due to taking the SATs in 8th grade.
Many of the top schools have invited him to visit and to be honest he hasn't shown much interest yet.
The US coast Guard Academy contacted us a couple times and we scheduled a visit. They were coming to Navy Pier for their annual Christmas tree event for charity and were hosting an open house on the Coast Guard Ship Mackinaw
I figured it was time for him to see what is out there in the engineering field

<div class="meta "><span class="caption-text ">The Christmas Tree Ship arrived in Chicago on December 6, 2013. The Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw left its port in Cheboygan last month and sailed Lake Michigan to arrive at Navy Pier. (WLS Photo)</span></div>

Callahan agreed to check it out.
Well the boy was in his glory. Cal is an avid boater, gifted engineer- can build or fix anything and has a passion for engines.

The Mackinaw is an ice cutter on Lake Michigan....like a giant big boy toy
It was really cool and Cal loved everything about being on the ship and
 now has interest in the Academy...it has a top tier engineering program. It is also nearly impossible to get in to. It has a 16% acceptance rate...only accepts the top of the top academically and physically. You have to have a strong background in Math and Science which Cal has. He joined the health club is working out hard

We will continue to check out all Engineering Schools but in the meantime its nice to see him excited about his future

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