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Sep 11, 2010


Today the Rams played against the Wheaton Warrenville Tigers. The WWHS Varsity team is ranked  #1 in the state and #19 in the nation. I just wanted mt kid to come out alive. Look at TJ above, elbows bruised, and scraped...if you see them up close they are swollen. On his inner right calf is a giant healing bruise and that  is just the exposed trauma to his body. These are pre game injuries.
We got crushed 40-0...TJ played pretty well, being the only one to get a 1st down (I'm just learning the lingo, positions and rules...so don't judge me)
There was a time when anyone that looked cross eyed at my child would suffer the wrath of Mary...I have since calmed down and regrouped....

Mind you, my son still plays the entire game...he never walks off the field...EVER. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...I will be the strongest woman in the world....oh and so will TJ : )
This is a great shot and I wish I had it on sport mode which is continuous, because my TJ just flipped the quarterback up and freakin over. He wrapped his arms around the guys legs and pulled them towards him 

This is what I had to watch today and it happened more than once. Yes, that is my TJ carrying the ball (below)

Now it's their turn, TJ starts out fabulous...he said he really thought he was gonna make it through. Look at each frame closely

Let me blow it up for you....My freakin child, my 1st born son is under all those boys and guess what?
He had the time of his life! Very sore and beat up, but mighty proud to be a Ram!

I am seriously looking and my childs legs sticking out from a pile of football players...when did we take this turn? I never saw this coming, not in a million years did I see my kid as a football player

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