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Sep 20, 2010

Homecoming week

Last week was kinda stressful for me so I'm just skipping it. 

This week is Glenbard East's Homecoming...the entire week is dedicated to it. Tonight TJ had a make-up game from Sat (storms cancelled it)  The Rams tied West Chicago. At 7pm I made my way to the school cafeteria for the weekly football booster meeting where we got a run down of the weeks events. 
Tradition has the freshman each donating a 3lb bag of candy for goody bags for all the football players. Tonight we filled 100's of bags with candy.
Wednesday at 4pm is the freshman pizza party where they will get their goody bag, a pin with their football picture on it (for each mom to wear their sons picture at the game) and a homecoming t-shirt to be worn on Thursday. Wednesday at 6 is the Powder Puff game. The varsity cheerleaders play football coached by some Varsity players. Thursday in addition to all players wearing their homecoming t-shirt, the varsity has their pasta dinner and receives their goody bag and pin. Friday all players wear their game jersey's and the Varsity plays their game Friday night. Saturday morning I need to be in the locker room at 6:30 am to decorate all the freshman lockers for their homecoming game at 10:30 against Naperville
All week long old jerseys are being sold for $5, so all GE spectators in the stands are all wearing Ram Jerseys
for Friday night's big game. It is also a fund raiser

This is a great way for me to meet new people and get more in touch with the high school that terrified me a few short months ago. I may as well meet the football moms, because I don't think this will be TJ's last year. This is the stuff TJ is going to remember many years down the road...not the B+ my freshman got on his sophomore honors Biology test (little plug, yeah TJ), but taking part in tradition by playing in his first football homecoming game, to be part of a team and represent his high school. To work hard and push himself to new levels, to meet life long friends and to savor every single moment of high school.

freshman bags

 varsity and JV                    sophomore    

I noticed the 80's were missing....hmmmmm

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Mel said...

It is so cool TJ is a part of Glenbard Football history (sans 80's of course) and it makes me want to rush out and watch a Rudy or The Blindside really bad!