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Sep 4, 2010

The words every mother wants to hear


TJ was the absolute stand out in todays game. He scored a touchdown, ran 150 yards and had a couple tackles. The coach on the sideline shouted


more times than anyone could count. TJ played offense, defense and special team....or in other words NEVER LEFT THE FIELD the entire game. Our mighty Rams played well, despite losing 28-20
While walking to the parking lot I introduced myself to Coach E and he complimented TJ's excellent performance. I told him how much TJ loves being on the team and this is the 2nd game of his life and just can't get enough of the game.

Coach E said " He is a great kid he listens and he keeps his mouth shout"

I said "so far we have been really lucky with him, hopefully he'll stay that way"

Coach E " He will, I can tell you guys did a great job with him"

Music to my ears...TJ has always had total respect for coaches and I'm glad he keeps his ears open and his mouth shut. Makes his parents super proud. Those words speak louder than his stellar performance on the field in my eyes

I did not get a picture of his touchdown because I froze...freakin froze. I did get many other opportunities to snap TJ carrying the ball

2 girlfriends sons were injured this week. One with a concussion and the other with a double break in his arm. Not from our team, but I wish them both a speedy recovery. I'm still terrified of TJ getting hurt

Here is where I start praying that TJ is either a little quicker than the pack ready to take him down or his teammates have his back 
I silently repeat " run TJ run TJ, please fucking run fast TJ" 

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