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Jan 7, 2011

a Day for Mary

A Great Day Downtown
Wednesday I had a day off and used my day off wisely...on me! I made my way to the
ellehomme spa for my monthly laser hair removal. I may suffer from some unwanted facial hair....alright, I'd grow a beard if I ever lapsed into a coma...whatever, I'm not perfect....I just play one in real life. Actually I bought a Groupon well 2 Groupons. 6 treatments for $150 which is like free in the laser hair removal world. After the 1st treatment there was such a difference. I am a huge supporter of the Groupon. Tim and I have gotten many $99 fancy downtown hotel rooms, a sailing trip, many many restaurant 1/2 price meals.
After my laser treatment, I had a 60min massage scheduled...not a Groupon but a $100 gift certificate for $50 from the spa website.

This was my changing room, I just snapped 2 quick pics and they don't do justice...all the amenities including toiletries, robes and slippers

After you get on your robe and slippers you enter the Zen room...a dark candle lit soothing waiting room. I didn't take a picture cause that wouldn't be very Zen like and who am I to disrupt the Zen Gods.
I had a wonder 60 minute deep tissue, aromatherapy massage.
Since I was in the West Loop, I jumped on over to the financial district to meet my man for lunch. Tim's office(E*TRADE Captial Markets) is now located in my old building. Oh, and I need at amend a earlier blog error. Tim is not a "systems administrator" he is a "System Engineer" my bad. I guess my faux pas is like comparing a physical theripist to a Neurosurgeon .
 Who knew?
  We had a nice, but quick lunch and I got a tour of Tim's office.
Small world that I parked in the lot across the street that I used to park in 100 years ago. The same old man still works there and gave me a giant hug. He then asks "How old is TJ now" He remembered! TJ started going religiously to the CBOE (Chicago Board of Options Exchange) with me at 4 weeks old until age 3. He was the only baby in a sea of 1000's of traders. TJ's personality was well developed, not to mention he was the cutest baby EVER! He was quite popular to say the least.
All good things must come to an end, so at 1:30 I hoped back on 290 west did a little shopping before getting my Karrick from school

A lovely day I must say

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