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Jan 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Well, 2010 is gone. Over-all 2010 was a good year in the McGinty house. The good outweighed the not-so-good. We are all happy, healthy and employed. Karrick learned to read in 2010, by the skin of his teeth, but 2010 is 2010. Karrick also learned to swim. TJ started high school, loves it and excelled at a new sport, football. Callahan entered middle school and is not bored for the first time ever in school. He at this moment in time has straight A's...never saw that before, Callahan was allergic to homework, but has stepped up to the plate determined to attend IL Math and Science Academy for high school. He will be taking the SAT's next year at age 12
Tim and I logged countless hours of fun dates together and I believe our relationship has become much stronger because of it.. Thank's Tim...great idea!!

Casa McGinty flooded with the neighborhoods fecal matter...a good 3 ft of raw sewage, nasty toilet paper that the village power washed off our lawn. 
We also bought a new boat

I took some cool pictures in the last 2 days

Today, I woke up at 2pm...crazy I know. TJ and I went to the park and met our friends the Cardotts to play hockey. Yes, I played too and it was super fun...COLD! The dark photos above were taken as we left

  Lombard sure has some spectacular parks

  Check out TJ's red cheeks
After hockey the McGinty clan went out for a nice dinner before dropping TJ off at a buddies for the night

Last night we were invited to ring in the new year with our friends, the Cardotts. It was a fun time of eating, catching up and dancing with Wii Dance 2. Karrick is pretty good at that and I think I need to buy it. I have video of him dancing that I will post later

Happy New Year everyone!

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Mel said...

Happy New Year to you! 2010 was kind to the McGinty clan for sure!