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Jan 22, 2011

Wisconsin part 2

I dropped my 3 guys off skiing and Karrick and I went bowling. After picking up the guys we hit the hot-tub and pool for some  family down time

   This was the worlds hottest hot-tub...holy smokes

I don't bowl, never have been good at it, never have broken 100 in my life. Karrick and I bowled 5 games, by the last game I was on fire (broke 100 on 3rd game)
As you can see up top I got 5...yes, 5 strikes in a row. I didn't know you get a another turn on the last frame until the owner told me. I had already changed my shoes and started to pack up. I put back on my bowling shoes and took my last shot. The spell was broken...had I known, I wonder if I wood have got a 6th strike

 I think the ball weighed more than Karrick, he just dropped the ball down the lane

 I gave Karrick 3 bucks to get some chips at the bar, 15 minutes later (Karrick entices anyone he talks to into long conversations) I was watching from the lanes and I see the lady hand Karrick Laffy Taffy's. She leans down to hear Karrick and I see her laugh. She walks away and comes back with more Laffy Taffy.
Karrick comes back to me with these.

 I ask "What happened?"
"umm, I asked for $3 of Laffy Taffy and the lady only gave me 7"
"Huh" I ask?
"The big sign says 3 for a $1, so I told her she needs to get me 2 more"

Whats kinda funny is this kid is still struggling to learn to read...getting much better, but geez louise he can multiply in record time...2 secs went by before he sat her straight
He'll tell anyone he meets" I can't read so well, but I am a math prodigy"

As you can tell we had the place to ourselves. Karrick is doing the "Oh Yeah" dance

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Mel said...

I just love the picture of K with the Laffy Taffy! He is so darn adorable. I put you in the calendar for the 3rd...