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Dec 29, 2010

My visual art debut

 Yesterday I headed downtown to be part of a visual art film project being shot at the
Tri-beca Flashpoint Media Arts academy. Can I just start out by saying....this six story film/art/music/animation school is so freakin cool, decorated with breathtaking and interesting artwork. I almost wish I was super artsy so I can go here. I want to go back and take photos of it all. I loved the vibe I got while being there. I'm usually on the waiting room end of all things artistic.

My kids agency Lily's Talent Agency gets requests for the non-actor/model...the real life person. Finally one came along that was made for me. An artist had an idea to do a visual art piece using real moms. The piece   
"It is meant to grant a sense of well-being and kindness ie. a corrective emotional experience"
The goal is to have this film displayed in Contemporary Art Museums .
I was brought to the studio and put in front of a green screen for a good 30-40 min. I spoke and I even sang a song....YES I DID! 
My kids would be mortified. When I was done the artist/director "Tim" told me I did great and even used the word "excellent". Then Tim walked me out (from the 6th floor to the first) uh huh,  sure did! okay he was going on a break, but whatever...
While we were walking, he of course mentioned my kids very unique and cool names AND he complimented me on my "wonderful smile that just LIT UP THE SCREEN!"  Lit up the screen, people...yeah, ME!
All I'm sayin is, "Julia Roberts, watch your back!"

I drove home with my box of chocolates, small monetary wage and parking fee paid for...on Cloud 9.
Hopefully this man's dream becomes a reality and I don't end up on the "cutting room floor" see I even have the lingo down.

It was fun and I was nervous as HELL. When I got to work this morning I received an email from the
 cinematographer that I originally set up the appointment with. I will copy and paste his email

"thank you for helping us out on this film.  I heard your warm Irish smile lit up the screen.  much appreciate your time."

A STAR IS BORN people....just sayin

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