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Dec 5, 2010

Date night

Tim and I went back to The Ivy in Wheaton for dinner, again with our Groupon. The food is so amazing even the butter is great. It is so good that I tried Tim's lamb chop with deep fried tomatoes and ate an entire lamb chop. I always hated lamb...never could stand the after taste...no yucky after taste here.
I was also excited to wear my new super cute outfit. Vera Wang and I have become good buddies (purple tights.)My outfit is really 100 times cuter in person. I have bought a ton of new nice clothes...call it a mid-life crises? I'm not sure, but I do know Tim seems to be enjoying it too
love my tights!
I am dying for these boots below and I am pretty confident in Santa this year. They are similar to ones I already have, except the Aldo boots below have a better sole and support. They also are knee high (almost knee high on me) and a tighter fit around the leg


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