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Dec 28, 2010

Christmas week

 The McGinty's made it through another Merry Christmas. I'm loving my new boots and Christmas sweater from Tim. Tim and I as always had a lot of fun shopping together. I feel like I won the lotto with a husband that loves to shop, but isn't gay...I just don't have any use being married to a gay man...thats all....just sayin
Moivng on, it was wonderful to spend time with family and just hanging out with the kids. It is a gift that TJ isn't playing a sport now....so much free time. That being said,  he'll NEVER go without playing a sport again. Holy Mother Mary of Jesus! TJ needs an outlet from his competitive nature. Thank God baseball training starts in 2 weeks
Moving on...
 TJ was very excited to receive an acoustic guitar. Uncle Casper gave him his 1st lesson

 Callahan scored his own tool set, complete with power tools from grandma and grandpa McGinty. Must nurture that creative mind. Callahan will go in the garage or basement and just build...build from scratch a working trebuchet and motorized airplane
 A little boy warms cold sledding fingers by the fire

 Xbox kinect was under the tree, can I say that it is just amazing! We also own the Wii, but this blows it away. I am pretty sore from boxing and I am incapable of jumping hurdles. One would think with my extra long legs it would be a breeze...not so much

 Karrick has some secret that allows him to win at boxing every time...I even bribed him with Lego's to tell me. He is not budging 
 doing the TKO dance
 When Santa leaves an 11 year old a hatchet, one must allow him to chop things up
 best buddies 

 lots of snow boarding down the deck steps and up the snow covered bike ramp
last, but certainly not least is my Android 10 in Archos tablet. What else would I expect from my anti-Apple system administrator computer genius of a husband?
It is super cool and will serve me well during my 8 hr days of baseball  in the summer 

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