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Dec 12, 2010

family time

 just a cute picture, not the actual tree

This was Karrick's year to pick the Christmas tree...last year we cut one down ourselves. We went to  Hackers Glenbard  Nursery that is around the corner and Karrick found our special tree. We also bought 2 large wreath's, a swag, 3 poinsettia plants and Callahan got a cactus. Our home has the most amazing smell

Never too old to play tag in the tree garden

hundreds upon hundreds of poinsettia's in every color

A beautiful white pine

 Family workouts
We are trying to work out together as a family 3 times a week. Out health club Glass Courts prides itself on being family friendly. There is something for everyone. I am tired of not having any muscle tone. I just have to be careful with my neck. If we go as a family it's more fun and you can't back out...good support system

 the dork that takes pictures of herself

 TJ had me do "burnouts" ummm, OUCH!
TJ has to weight train 4 days a week after school at Glenbard East in order to play football next year. He still goes to the club with us, he'll lift some different weights, play racquetball and ping pong
 Tim is teaching Karrick the game. Everything in the club is open. All Racquetball court are visible from 1st floor. I was looking down some 20 ft (over a 4 foot wall upstairs)

Is there something wrong with a fully stocked bar in a health club? We go for the free popcorn, ping pong and big screen TV's

 A track surround the outside of the pool, Karrick just runs and runs, he is destined to become a track star....Forest Gump has nothing on him. We also play basketball in the open gym

 It started snowing really hard when we left Thur night (whatever night it snowed)

our house looks so cute in the blizzard

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