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Dec 5, 2010

Tj's new coat

 Today I took TJ to Yorktown Mall for a new winter coat, ski-pants, shoes, jeans and a hat. I have only one thing to say

 If 14 is an awkward age....

We are freakin screwed!!!

I don't care how socially unacceptable it is to say this, but

My kid is HOT!

and that face could not belong to a nicer, more polite hard working all around good kid

While driving to the mall, TJ told me he has a four year plan
Take honor classes the next 3 years of high school and not get lower than a "B"
Go to Florida State and play baseball
 Model in South Beach while majoring in medicine. He wants to be an internist.
The boy aims high and all we can do is support his dream
No matter what TJ ends up doing in life, as long as he is happy, we're happy

I snapped 5 pictures of TJ and got 5 awesome shots
and by the way...did I mention he picked out a way cute coat?

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