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Dec 10, 2010

a little bit of Christmas

So a trojan entered my computer and in the span of a week at least 6 virus's entered through that....Aarrgh! is all I can say. Thank God Tim is a computer genius...what do other people do when their computer gets completely trashed?
All my files were damaged. First Tim had to remove all my invaders...don't know how, but it took a day or two. Then he backed up my computer to TJ's computer, took overnight. I guess I have some crazy big picture files that would take 200 disks if Tim were to copy them. I believe he then copied files from somewhere onto disks to reset everything to factory settings, then reinstalled everything. As we speak my picture files are still loading
How did I get mister trojan? Not sure, but he popped up anti-virus warnings that were very similar to my anti-virus....me being ever so conscious clicked on them all. NOT A GOOD THING THEY WERE EACH A VIRUS
The moral of the story...Never open anything...call the master
It took a lot of Tim's time and I don't think it was easy, but it was Free! In between he even fixed my dishwasher...my personal handyman
Today we hung at home and put up our Christmas decorations. We got our tree during the week, but those pictures are still loading (see above :)) All I have are the photos I took today.Karrick and I made some Christmas cookies...pretty much against his will. I'm "always wasting all his time" me and school that is "school wastes all my time" is what he says all week long...on the bright side he only has 18 years left...

Karrick loves Rudolph...I mean loves him. We have all the reindeer that are on Santa's team. Karrick was pretty cute playing with them...not sure the game, but they were flying and rolling across the floor...reindeer wrestle possibly?
Again, mommy pulled him off the electronics to help make puffy felt ornaments. He was more receptive to this idea

Here is Santa snowman in the middle phase of completion. Karrick made a snow-globe out of felt, but we need glitter and fabric paint to complete. Callahan told him that if you put a snow-globe on the tree Santa will bring you more presents. Hey, whatever works, right?
Karrick in his secret fort...on my phone because he was starting to get the DT's from being off video games (I was sewing his snow-globe and caved to his whinning)
I believe the year was 1987, my mother ever so proudly gave each one of us kids a Liberace limited edition ornament. I really thought it was a joke...I was mistaken.
In honor of my mother I proudly display Andy Avelos in drag on our tree and when I go, I will pass it down to my first born son to carry on this tradition

Karrick made a concert with all our holiday singing animals, snowman and a tree. Each character sings a different song, but if you play each one at the same time you get a Christmas concert...yeah, ya really do
opps, I forgot to add jazzy Santa to the playbill
a side note: year before last I accidently stepped on Jazzy Santa and he broke...guess what?
They sell them everywhere, so yeah, we were able to pick another one up, otherwise our concert would be lacking
A final note: Tim said to write down any files that he missed....spell check, honey there is no spell check

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