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Jul 29, 2011



We started our final tournament of the season tonight in Lynwood. We didn't win, in fact we only scored 3 runs

All 3 runs were scored by TJ, he hit a 3 run homer. A beautiful swing of the bat, a nice crack and that ball just sailed right over the right center field fence.
I gave up Bunco with the girls to go to TJ's game...FATE!

Hopefully tomorrow and Sunday we will play better baseball over-all

Life isn't complete without seeing my Callahan dissecting a sheep heart. I received the IMSA disk in the mail with some 700 shots from camp. I really think I need to shoot next years camp...

Driving home from the game, the sky was just amazing when the sun was setting. These shots were shot by my TJ through the car window on 294 North.

Very nice Grasshopper

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