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Mar 30, 2012

Eight years old!!! My little Miracle

I can't even believe my little dream boat turned 8 yesterday. Karrick was our surprise baby and let me tell you that everyone should have a bonus baby. His older brothers are 13 and 15. With Karrick I got to just enjoy him...as a newborn, baby, toddler, little boy and now a big boy. There wasn't that "new mom...my kid did this early...bigger, better, faster bullshit" which is good because Karrick kept us guessing and contradicted everything  we thought his whole life

Ridiculously low hormone levels in early pregnancy- doctor didn't think he would survive in the womb
Early labor at 30 weeks which required 6 weeks of bed rest which turned into a 9 lb, baby at 38 weeks

Thought he might be have a mild form of Autism, just to find out he is the most outgoing kid ever 
Didn't walk until age 2 with lots of therapy, talked extremely late . Had problems with transitioning and play (stacked and sorted everything)

Every teacher from Kindercare at age 2, Pre-school, kindergarten and 1st grade thought there was "something" going on, but "just couldn't put their finger on it" Dyslexia and processing problems were mentioned. Very delayed in learning Thought he would be held back or special Ed
Just to find out in 2nd grade when everything clicked that the kid is gifted in math...he is 1 of 5 kids that is pulled out for advanced math...scored in 99% nationally in math.

My little angel is a delight to everyone he meets, he is a rule nazi and has been known to throw his classmates into a crying fit over "tag" rules. Wears his emotions on his sleeve, loves to sing and laugh and is quite the man with the ladies

You never know what will come out of his mouth...honest to a fault.
The kid knows more about Mythology than anyone
He is just about the cutest dang thing on earth
A true gift from God, words can't express how much we love him. He honestly touches everyone he meets
Happy 8th Birthday little man

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