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Mar 18, 2012

Paddy's Day weekend

March is always a busy month in the Mcginty house...in a 2 week span we have our wedding anniversary, Tim's, Callahan's and Patrick's birthday. At the end of the month is Karrick's birthday.

Today was the district science fair. My Callahan took home 1st place! He came up with an idea to make affordable earthquake proof homes. He found if you construct a home using a tire base, the tire absorbed the shocks.  There are millions of old tires just begging to be used.
The judges were amazed at Callahan's knowledge and background information. Callahan has been blessed with an eidetic memory so he can go on for hours. The judges thought his idea was fascinating, but wished he displayed more of his knowledge on his board. that is probably what knocked him out of  "best in show". he was disappointed, but we were proud.
Below Cal built one balsa wood structure on a base supported by rubber tires and one w/o tires. When he shook the table the non-tire structure collapsed each time.
Parents weren't allowed in during judging so the shot is from practice at home. Cal said it went perfectly

My little Karrick in his 1st science fair ever took home 2nd place. He built a solar car all by himself and ran the tests all by himself. He even directed me on how to shoot the testing shots

Happy Birthday Patrick- 11 years old
 After the science fair Karrick went to a buddies birthday party at extreme trampoline...great day for the new car!

 My Callahan turned 13 yesterday!
He has turned into a teenager right before our eyes! He is growing like a weed almost 5'9, he has become the object of many girls affection. These girls text him non-stop and he meets a few at the mall every weekend
 Last night we went to Harry Carry's in Lombard for Cal's birthday dinner
I am officially the mother of 2 teenage boys...holy smokes how did this happen
they were just like this yesterday it seems

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