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Dec 29, 2013

Christmas Day

After 30-40? some odd years Christmas is no longer held at my parents home. My dad said it was getting too much for him. Christine and I decided to alternate years, she took this year.
It turned out fantastic, Chris lives in such a cute bungalow full of charm that it makes me miss our big old home in Oak Park. I also grew up in a bungalow in Beverly
The meal was wonderful and almost all vegan as there are only few meat eaters left.

Hard to believe there is only a year between My Niece and Karrick. My niece is just stunning! 

What do you get the man that has everything? Why a Keurig of course!
Tim and I bought one about a month ago...Love it, just love it!
 Due to the large group of people long tables were set up in the basement so we could all eat together. It was a great family Christmas and I like the new tradition that has started

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casper deleon said...

Thanks for all the great compliments. It was awesome having everyone over. Let the festive family traditions begin!
- Casper