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Dec 20, 2013

the Week leading up to Christmas-My Boys

The last week has been busy. TJ had a Christmas promotional shoot for Family Values. They made cards for seniors to be delivered to retirement homes and read to the residents

 Karrick had his annual Christmas sing at school. For the 5th year in a row Karrick is front and center...the peanut row

We made gingerbread houses and decorated our tree. Our amazing Concord fir fills our house with the smell of citrus and pine....just amazing!
I even cut off some branches and sent them home with Katie for her mom. She loved them and brought some to work. Crazy tree..love it

My Cal and katie. Cals been out with his buddies a lot...sledding and attending an all nighter game night. 
He took the SAT last weekend

 Karrick's dance classes are in full swing...7 a week all hip hop. He loves to freestyle around the house. We have our first competition in March in Madison WI

 The TJ got new head shots with Socko this week, he looked adorable and Im hoping the picture are just as adorable. After the shoot we stopped in at Lily's Talent Agency to pick up TJ's paycheck and the print agent says "Oh my. you're so tall I love it" Do you want to do live (runway) shows?" A giant YES! came out of TJ's mouth. That is exactly what you want to hear from your agent. This was the first time we met this agent as TJ does mostly on camera stuff

 A cute picture of all the hip Hop boys

We are all looking forward to the next 2 weeks of Christmas break

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