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Nov 6, 2010

Marbles and puppies

 A rare weekend in the McGinty house, we have nowhere to go at all! We dug out Karrick Marble Mania and let his brain waves flow. He built this tower and the marble successfully traveled the route and came out the bottom to which he exclaimed "OMG, you have to film this and put it on facebook" Callahan then taught Karrick to play Apples to Apples....the big deal here? Karrick actually had time to sit down and play with non-electronic toys. I read the entire weeks worth of papers. I cleaned, did laundry and painted our master bath (I primed it like last winter)

I am watching Rick's puppy Mochi while he visits his daughter at Cornell. She made herself right at home. Patrick wasn't thrilled and we had to keep them separated Thur and Friday. Today they are doing much better except Mochi wants to play and Patrick just wants to be left alone 

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