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Nov 11, 2010

A weekend with my brother

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Definitely something for everybody

 A couple of weekends ago we got the chance to spend some time with my brother, Jim and his family at their  amazing new log cabin...not your grandfather's log cabin. This beautiful home is nestled in the forest near St Joe's, MI. There are only a few other cabins with-in miles and I believe Jim got the pick of the liter. This spectacular home came fully furnished to match it's surroundings.
As amazing as my photos are, it is even more breath-taking in person

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 The kids all had a ball with each other, playing games and running up and down the stairs. The older boys had a twinkle in their eye while in the loft eying the giant log rafters that lined the cathedral ceiling. We had a great time just catching up with each other and eating lots of food. Karen and I were able to sneak away and head into town; where we got yummy treats at the Apple orchard and chocolate covered bacon at the chocolate factory. There was a great antique mall that had everything grouped by era. I gobbled up 2 Seventeen magazines from the early 1960's
Makes me appreciate the sports bra all the more
We were able to get there in time to catch the end of the vibrant fall colors.

wrap- around porch-decks on 3 sides

 Something really needs to be messed up for my Tim not to be able to fix it. Thank God, the hot tub wasn't one. Tim had this pup up and running in a half of a day. Not everyone was pleased with Tim's abilities

 mama frog and babies had to relocate

The kids were eager to jump in, help clean and fill the hot tub

They were all pretty darn cute and patient while waiting, not only for the water to fill, but then waiting for it to heat up. Sitting in the cold water made them appreciate the warm water all the more 
 My pretty little niece

Ahhh, the kids enjoying the fruits of their labor

I can't end w/o mentioning the "plop" Not sure what they are, but damnnnn they are good...kinda like a reversed Oreo? Jim made them and once you start...
UT-OH, I think I know where the frogs went...look at the middle left plop...

We all really had a great time and I can't wait to go back and sit in the hot tub....hint hint

Thank You very much guys

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Beth said...

Hi Mary,
I read your blog yesterday before I left work but didn't have time to tell you how much fun I had reading it. Keep the stories coming !