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Nov 3, 2010

Football awards night

Last night football awards were held at GEHS. TJ and the freshmen team were all awarded their graduation year numbers 14 for class of 2014. They have a certain spot on their lettermen jacket. Each year the player receives a new progressive patch.

As I was sitting in the stands watching the seniors, I couldn't help but feel sad for them. Their 4 year reign has come to an end and I know in a blink of an eye, that will be TJ in 3 years. My girlfriend and I had a conversation about the team work of football vs any other sport. You really have to be a close team and work together like no other sport. My TJ carries the ball and if his teammates don't protect him he can get seriously hurt. The linemen are the soldiers of the team...you don't get that in baseball, volleyball and soccer etc. (not to this extent at least) There was a senior slideshow that was mighty touching...I get the whole football thing now, I really get it. I had chills and a tear in my eye and I am so proud that TJ is part of this tradition. Three months ago, I reluctantly gave the GE coaches my baby and they in return gave me back a much physically (not the same body he started with), mentally stronger boy, a boy that fought through Hell in double summer workouts in 95 degree heat..TJ never once complained that anything was too tough, hard yes, but he embraced the challenge actually looked forward to it. He went to school sick as not to miss practice. My TJ has a maturity he didn't have 3 months ago. He has embraced the strength to tough it out, to think beyond himself, to fight through head trauma, cuts and bruises, sprained ankles and sickness. He walks with pride, he walks as a Glenbard East Ram. I thank all you coaches for giving my boy this life long gift that only a football team can give. He looks up to you all and he had FUN!
I think I love football...ok, I sad it I Love Football!!
Our son's shoulders are back and his head is up

 2010 Freshman Glenbard East Football Team
 This  is the Varsity MVP trophy. Each year a Senior is awarded it and their name is engraved . Last night the 40th name was added to this award.
 I don't know a lot about this tradition, but every year a senior passes the Harley Davidson t-shirt down to a Junior that shows sportsmanship, honor, and team leadership etc.
After 20 years, The Varsity head coach is stepping down. I didn't get the chance to meet him, but didn't get choked up at his goodbye speech

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