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Oct 30, 2010

Surgery and a surprise party all in one day

next week I celebrate 26 years working for Rick

Friday morning I had Radio Frequency Ablation on my Cervical Spine. This is my 3rd time having it. Basically they go in and  cut/burn the nerves that are damaged. I had C2-6 cut on both sides. The pain prior was horrifying. I would wake up multiple times during the night with a burning skull and neck, I would have to physically lift my head with my hands and turn it to the side...then I would fall back asleep until gut wrenching pain would wake me up. I was taking entirely to many pain pills during the day just to move. Of course the only opening in the next 3 weeks was yesterday (Friday), which happened to be My bosses surprise downtown at the Hotel Sofitel ChicagoWatertower
 They actual surgery lasted a good hour and a half. I was semi-conscious as the neurosurgeon needs to ask me questions while poking each nerve. Once the correct nerve was located...blast! a laser wiped it out...um OUCH! I drove myself to the hospital and a girlfriend picked me up (she also took Karrick home due to 1/2 day) I quickly changed and another friend dropped me at the train station. I could not miss Rick's party and still had enough Fentanyl , Demerol and versed that while I could not get behind the wheel of a car, I could hop a train and feel no pain. Tim met me at the station and we hopped a cab to the party. It was wonderful, so many old friends that I have not seen in years. many old traders from our trading floor days we there. Rick was completely surprised. About 9pm the meds started to wear off and I had to go. We took the train back home

 Ricks kids all came in for the party which was a gift to Rick. 2 came from college, Cornell and U of Kansas. His son is in the Army and he flew in for the night
I am really happy I was able to go...I was a little nervous. TJ took Karrick to his school Halloween party and we had so much to do for Karrick's Halloween party at our house on Sat. 4-8pm. TJ had a movie audition downtown at 2:30..thank God Tim took him. The casting director invited TJ to audition for another movie Tuesday evening, so he must see something in him. The party was great(Karricks) previous blog. I'm blogging backwards. Today I feel better, but my muscles are sore. I feel like I worked out too hard...I didn't. My 10 needle holes are swollen and tender. But I feel like a human as I can do basic things like turn my head or sneeze w/o lightening shooting through me

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